Compare A2 Hosting vs. Chemicloud Hosting

Let’s compare our two favorite hosting services at the moment and see who wins on server speed, prices and customer support. Handy table below summarizes it nicely.

CompareA2 HostingChemicloud
Return policyA+A
Overall ratingAA+
Promo LinksGET 60% OFFGET 70% OFF

Customer Support Comparison: We tested out the average response time for tech support after opening a new ticket for basic things like plan details or simple requests. It was not even a contest. Chemicloud was far superior customer support experience with tickets being answered within minutes, not hours. A2 Hosting customer support typically took hours to respond to basic tickets. The quality of Chemicloud support was also better with more friendly and knowledgeable reps.

Price Comparison: Both A2 Hosting and Chemicloud have very good prices and plans. However Chemicloud has the advantage of lower price on their Pro plan compared to A2 Turbo Boost plan. Last fall on Black Friday, Chemicloud offered their Pro plan for 36months for $33/year. Insanely good deal.

GTMetrix Speed Comparison: We compared server speeds for Chemicloud Pro plan vs. A2 Hosting Turbo Boost plan, both of which are Litespeed hosting plans with 2GB RAM and 2 cores. With identical WordPress sites, using Vancouver testing location for GTMetrix we compared site loading speeds for A2 servers in Michigan and Chemicloud servers in New York. These speed tests were done using identical cloned WordPress sites with no favoritism given either way.

GTmetrix screenshot comparing Chemicloud Hosting VS. A2 Hosting server speeds

Return Policy Comparison: Where A2 lost on customer support speed, they make for with the best return policy in the web hosting industry that we found. A2 Hosting has an anytime pro-rated money back refund for any unused portion of plan. No hassle easy refund. Unfortunately, Chemicloud offers only a 45 day money back guarantee. So if for any reason you become dis-satisfied with Chemicloud after 45 days you are out of luck when it comes to a refund. Hopefully they will change and match A2 Hosting!

Best Plan Comparison: Chemicloud and A2 Hosting both offer great deals on many shared hosting plans. However for the average (WordPress) user we think that Chemicloud has the advantage on best value for their Pro plan which included unlimited websites. The equivalent plan A2 Turbo Boost is more expensive. Best deal for average web developer is probably the Drive plan. Using WP Fastest cache you can achieve similar load speeds to Litespeed cache, so is it really worth paying extra for Litespeed server? Maybe..

Rating and Conclusion: After comparing Chemicloud vs. A2 on the above metrics of price, speed, return policy and customer support… we give A2 Hosting a 4.5 star rating and Chemicloud a 4.75 star rating. We will continue to monitor these services and update rating scores accordingly. In conclusion, for the time being, we think that Chemicloud is the over all winner for best web hosting and A2 Hosting is the strong runner up for best overall hosting service. We would recommend either of these service to clients.

Compare best deals: As of January 2023, the best deals being offered by A2 Hosting are 66% off their Turbo Plan and 53% off their Drive plan. Meanwhile, Chemicloud is offering up to 70% off multiple hosting plans. Click either button below to see their best deals.

A2 Hosting vs. Chemicloud screenshots

Here are screenshots from both services in January 2023

Chemicloud Hosting Plan Jan 2023

Here are screenshots from Trustpilot in January 2023

trustpilot review rating a2 hosting jan 2023

trustpilot review rating chemicloud hosting jan 2023
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